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Dairy Links A fun game to learn about dairy, introduce on SmartBoard and students can play independently. Students can earn tokens by answering questions correctly. After earning all 9 tokens, students can print a certificate or cow expert blue ribbon. Our students loved this one. Meet Ohio Dairy Farmers and learn about their farms Send a cow e-card More Cow Facts, Chart showing different breeds Cow facts

Food, A Fact of Life UK Resources, ages 3-16 short videos, case studies,Power Point presentations, Interactive whiteboard files and activity sheets Excellent ideas for science and social studies Milk PPT- Food Investigators, students take a field trip to a dairy farm,some words for UK easy to relate to US great to preview on SmartBoard

From farm to fork (5-8 years) Do you know what happens to your food from the farm to your fork?

Link the stages from farm to fork for different types of food. A game that could be played on the SmartBoard.

Where do my meals come from? (5-8 years) Do you know where the food in your meals comes from? Match the food you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with where it originally came from. For example, an egg is laid by a chicken. A game that could be played on the SmartBoard.

Plant or Animal? Do you know which food comes from a plant and which food comes from an animal? Sort different foods into either from 'plants' or 'animals'. How many can you get correct? A game that could be played on the SmartBoard

Classroom Nutrition Education for Elementary School Students Nutrition games and lessons for kids.